This fish lamp is a tribute to the salmon and its beauty. The lines of the body of the salmon brighten when this delicate bone-porcelain lamp is switched on and show an affinity to the style of architect Berlage and the designers of the “Amsterdam School” of the twentieth century. At the same time, this design comments on the relation between humans and the animal kingdom.

Minke used the Mykiss, which is a salmon that is often referred to as a rainbow trout, as a source of inspiration for this lamp. Worldwide the salmon is marine cultured for food. Scientists have discovered that the wild species have been in decline for decades, partly because of shrinking habitats, partly because they contract sea lice from the farmed ones, partly because farmed ones escape and weaken the wild population.

This design seems to affirm the exploitation of animals by manipulating the fish into a lamp. However, at closer consideration she does no such thing. Moreover she turns the tables for she has the animal, as it were; intrude the home, instead of human invading the animal habitat. Thus she reverses the situation and turns the tables in an ironical way.

As a result, Minke’s My Kiss epitomizes her sense of humour, as well as her feeling for the refined beauty of these animals.